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Bravissimo is an advertising and web design agency with offices in Lund, Kristianstad and Ronneby. We help our customers to get started and to go further - in large and small projects, from ideas to finished products. We have extensive experience in project management of both IT-focused projects as well as more operational projects.

We deliver high-quality solutions, whether for a new marketing strategy, visual identity, 3D visualization, film, mobile app, digital marketing or website. Talking advertising with us is a relaxed and unpretentious experience.



Marketing communications in areas as diverse as corporate identity, product communications and financial communications.


Jibber develops communications. Our goal is to break down barriers and make our presence on the web a matter of course for all while improving user quality by emphasizing the voice of simple but innovative services.

With the Jibber chat function, you can make your customer service more personal. Manage multiple clients simultaneously and easily refer a client to a colleague. This chat will help you to streamline your internal communications and take your customer service to a new level. Use written or voice, adapt for your own and your customers' wishes. Offer your visitors innovation with ease.


As an independent research institute, we are always in a position to choose the research partner we feel is best suited for providing the highest level of quality in the execution of each particular study. Turn to us if you want to know more about your current and potential target groups. We use qualitative research methods, with the purpose of delving deep.

Our aim is always to position you perfectly for your business objectives. We provide insights for decision making. Those you want to reach may not always feel the way you think.


At Retorikbyrån we help those who want to reach all the way. No matter where you want to achieve, we will teach you how to communicate the right things in the right way and reach the results you want.

Our methods are based on the thousand years of science, modern research and solid experience. 

Through training, open courses and individual training, we make sure that you and your organization reach wherever you want. 


Anagram is an independent production company with offices in Lund, Stockholm and Gothenburg. We are working with script-based production (Anagram Film & TV and Anagram West), non script-based production (Anagram Pocket) and live entertainment (Anagram Live).


Broderick Media Productions has over 20 years experience in the film industry. Founded by Emmy Award winner Tua Broderick, who has worked in the film industry since 1999 in the United States, South Korea and Sweden. She has been nominated twice and won an Emmy for editing and project management.

Since 2012, she works with documentaries and corporate films in Sweden and in 2014 she started Broderick Media Productions at Ideon. Broderick Media Production produces commercials, instructional videos, movies for crowd funding etc. Customers consists of Finja Betong, Öresundskonsortiet, ROI Recruitment and Sensative AB. Partners include film producer China Åhlander, Smart Film AB and others. 


With experience that goes back 61 years, we feel confident in categorizing ourselves as the agency with Sweden's best sports photographers and sports images.

With a solid experience in the largest Scandinavian news papers, advertising and international agencies, we can help you with news and assignment photography, archive images and innovative imaging solutions.


At BTJ we deliver media and information services to libraries, schools and businesses. For over 80 years, we have shared our customers' passion for literature and culture and developed a unique knowledge about making media searchable so you can spend less time chasing relevant content and add more energy to discover and experience.


We love ambitious marketing campaigns and technical development projects designed to engage and inspire. Our services include marketing, apps and webdesign. 


Frontcell focuses in serving stability; from apps and platforms to social services and experiences. Because we truly believe that everyone in this changing reality craves for something reliable to engage in. We identify and develop possibilities in new digital media – making your customers feel committed and delighted.


Bildis is an offline photo frame that you update from your mobile.

You need an Android tablet as a photo frame. You connect your tablet to your wireless network, and then you download the app Bildis photo frame from Google Play. Then you send photos from your mobile.

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