At Ideon you can find several gyms as well as practicioners within Personal Training, Working environment and Physio therapy.


We support you with corporate health services like rehabilitation, working environment, webb services and health development. 

With service in about 120 locations and about 650 employees, Avonova is a nationwide provider of health services. Our services are be an effective and profitable investment for you, through increased productivity  reduced health costs.


Betahälsan stands for high quality and competence. We prevent illness and create better health for you. Perform better with our help!

Got a stiff neck? You can book company massages with Robert Freij from Betahälsan AB on Mondays and Thursdays. If you are a big group, Robert can come to your company instead according to your wishes. Make an appointment today! Make an appointment now


The greatest asset of any company is its employees. We give your company and your employees one of the coolest tools to keep your focus on physical activity. With increased activity, you will be healthy, fit and happy. To achieve this outcome, use our app to challenge, engage and motivate.


EnergyManagment help people and organizations to create positive energy so that they take themselves more powerfull towards goal.

Energy Management program consists of a series of workshops over time. In a structured and practical way we go through the Energy Management model's five dimensions and underlying energy advocacy points.


Previa is Sweden's leading company in occupational health. Previa offers a full range of services in health, leadership, work environment and rehabilitation. We have 1100 specialists in over 90 locations throughout Sweden.


Promas helps companies and organizations to promote health and wellbeing.

With the Promas method, we offer tools, training courses and lectures in our main areas of recovery, stress management and mental training.

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