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Ideon Science Park is one of Europe’s most successful venue for innovators, entrepreneurs and venture capital. Located next to Lund University School of Economics and the Faculty of Engineering, with 48,000 students and 5,000 researchers/PhD students, the Science Park is the perfect place for business, research and public services to meet and develop business together.

Support step by step

Ideon has 35 years of history of helping companies grow and today we are 400 companies with 9 000 energetic entrepreneurs. Depending on where you are in the development of your business, we offer different kinds of support for growing your business.

If you don’t know where to turn, please contact us at and we will connect you with the right team.


Seamless support from different organisations

From a budding idea to international expansion, the business development support can be found here. To make sure that this does not become a difficult world to navigate through for our entrepreneurs, we meet several times a year in the Ideon National Team (Landslaget) to coordinate our efforts and make sure that we know who and when to hand over to in the different stages of growth.


At Grow your business, you’ll find specific support for the different stages of business development.

services for our Ideon companies

Soft landing in new markets

Ideon is a member of IASP, the International Association of Science Parks and as such, we can help our companies with soft landing in potential new markets. We in turn, offer the same to companies interested in establishing themselves in Sweden.

Want to step into a new market? Talk to us!


We welcome about 60 international delegations each year and the goal of each visit is to match them with some of our companies to share knowledge, ideas and perhaps start up a future collaboration. We tailor each visit so that it is a mutually beneficial visit.

Talent attraction

Ideon is home to over 9 000 sharp minds and we have a close collaboration with Lund University. One of the collaborations is called MatchIT, where they create tailor made courses within programming and we find internships at the Ideon companies. Are you interested in welcoming and intern or hiring a junior programmer? Contact us!

More on MatchIT

Open innovation

Through our company Ideon Open, we offer methods for larger corporations to find new ways to ground breaking innovations. We help them formulate their challenges, find the most appropriate innovations partners, scientists, startups to work with across the globe, and lead the work in an open innovation process.

We test the market need for such innovations in a lean startup manner. Open innovation support is available both as assignments and  the corporate accelerator Beyond.

Connect you with startups and experts

Are you looking for an exciting startup to collaborate with or experts within a certain field? We can help you find the resources, companies or the emerging technology you are looking for. Our close collaboration with the University can get you in touch with emerging technologies and brilliant minds at an early stage.

Student workers or researchers

Together with Academic Solutions we offer a way to get qualified help from students within different areas such as internships, thesis assignments, project resources or finding student employees.

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