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The Ideon

Space Runaway Ideon was a popular 1980s Japanese TV series. It consisted of 35 episodes and is considered one the best TV shows with mecha (a man operated robot). This very popular mecha was named Ideon. He was originally constructed by a now dead alien civilization that lived on the planet Solo. Ideon was later found by scientists in the Space Runaway Ideon show.

Ideon is considered the most powerful mecha ever made, and is comprised of three rather ordinary-looking trucks (Sol Amber, Sol Vainer and Sol Conver). When the three trucks are combined, he turns in a huge robot-like machine that can be operated by six different pilots (two in each component).

Ideon was very powerful and different civilizations wanted to use his powers and that is the main plot of the TV show: two civilizations fighting in order to control him. He was considered as very powerful and he had three amazing attacks: Mini Black Hole cannon, Ideon swords (two rays of energy that emit from the Ideon’s wrists and are powerful enough to chop a planet in two), Ideon Gun, also known as the Wave Leader Cannon, which emits waves of energy that can wipe out planets, fleets, whatever with no trouble at all.

Curious to see more? Watch the first episode: Space Runaway Ideon Episode 1 – Ideon Resurrected:



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