Strategic Collaborations

Skånes Effectcommission

The purpose of Skåne’s power commission is to improve the electricity supply in terms of delivery security, cost and environment. Through an effects commission, Scanian actors can gather and act together. Own analyzes and frequent exchanges with authorities, Skåne energy actors and Skåne’s business community have given Region Skåne a number of suggestions on what they could do together to meet society’s increasing power needs.

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Solar Region Skåne

Since 2020 the Solar Region Skåne community is being administrated by Ideon science Park. The community works to increase the rollout and use of solar energy and has over 70 members. By having the base at Ideon Science Park, the community has the opportunity to meet and investigate in new innovations targeting the energy and property sector, that could enhance the solar energy effects and results even more.

The community offers several meetings per year, policy making actions, and runs additional projects to speed up the use of solar energy. Every year we also offer a Sun Safari – visiting exciting plants to view the technology and effects and share our experiences.

To know more please contact Rosa Özgen Sundin, Executive Manager Solar Region Skåne.



Swedsoft gathers organizations from all over Sweden who are interested in software development. Our strength lies in the great diversity of members. Here are some of our largest Swedish companies, startups and other SME companies from different industries with academia, institutes, organizations and more. Together in the association, we work to support Swedish software development and to secure Sweden’s future competitiveness

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Medicon Valley Alliance

The Medtech network is welcoming Medicon Valley Alliance members with an interest in the field of MedTech and all its aspects including Medical devices*, innovation and development, as well the growing area of health tech.

The Network organises two network meetings per year focusing on addressing specific challenges MedTech companies encounter, for example with regards to production and packaging, recruitment, marketing and regulatory requirements. With over 500 MedTech companies based in the Öresund region, represented by strong industry leaders as well as innovative start-ups, the network also offers great networking opportunities.

The Medtech network’s activities are planned and carried out by Medicon Valley Alliance in close collaboration with the network’s steering group consisting of Ideon Science Park in Lund and the company Senzagen.

To know more please contact Lotta Wessfeldt, CEO Ideon Science Park


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