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We do a lot of projects every year that we are proud of. Here you can find examples of projects that were great successes.

Strengthened Skills supply for Sustainable Growth

The purpose of this pre-study is to identify the skills needs and skills supply challenges for knowledge-intensive Tech SME companies in Skåne. In addition, this study aims to look at initiatives, case studies and reports nationally and internationally with similar challenges as in Skåne, in order to identify sustainable solutions that could be applied and implemented in Skåne. The aim is to enable the provision of high quality skills for knowledge-intensive Tech companies in the region.

This pre-study is part of Region Skåne’s overall focus on skills supply and skills development and will:

→  Improve the regional economy’s access to highly skilled labour;
→  Ensure that Skåne can maintain and strengthen its position as a hub for innovative SMEs        in Europe.

EY Scaleup Leadership Program

Learn how the global winners of the EY Entrepreneur of the Year have used seven drivers of growth to reach their success. The success factors have been packaged into Ideon Scaleup Leadership program, including inspirational/instructing presentations, guided self assessment with immediate results in prioritized actions.

This program is for you who are a leader, founder or CEO of an innovative product development company, with a revenue from clients over 10 MSEK/Y, in relationship with Ideon Science Park, that wants to get the fast track to scaling up a business, delivered in small manageable bites.

To know more, please contact Rosa Özgen Sundin, Project Manager.


“We recommend Ideon Scaleup Leadership for the management of companies facing scaleup challenges. The program spans over multiple areas that have been crucial for scaling up our organisation – high recognition feeling! Excellent webinars and practical tools give the background and support to analyse, plan and execute in a structured way.“
Magnus Gäfvert

CEO, Modelon

The 7 drivers of growth and sessions (2 hours per month)

1. Customers

2. People, Behaviour, Culture

3. Digital Technology & Analytics

4. Sustainable Operations – From survival to thriving

5. Funding & Finance

6. Risk – Threat or Opportunity

7. Transactions & Alliances

”This gave us a structured and pedagogical tool to analyse our own business and identify areas for improvement”.
Lars Lindell

CEO, Acconer

Match IT

The need for programming skilled talents is a constant pain for the companies at Ideon Science Park. The MatchIT project (2018-2021) was a way for us to meet this challenge. Run by Region Skåne, the partners in the project found newly arrived or unemployed academics, tested them for logical thinking, and trained them to become junior programmers in 22 weeks, plus 6 weeks of internship. Ideon Science Park was managing the company contacts and finding the internships.

The result of this project was that 50% of the talents were employed after less than one year. That is to compare with the normal status, that after 10 years in Sweden, only 15% of the academics have a relevant employment. If they were employed at the same rate as Swedish academics, the savings for Sweden would potentially be 11 billion SEK per year.

Read about the project here.

Read about the result of the project here.

Matchmaking Ukranian Talents with Swedish Companies

Due to the war in Ukraine, many people are forced to seek refuge. Lots of individuals and organizations made fantastic efforts to support the Ukrainian people and the Swedish government are encouraging employers to hire Ukrainian refugees.

Within the framework of the national Vinnova funded project Switch to Sweden – which is about matching international talents with Swedish employers – we had the opportunity to create a matchmaking activity where we gathered Ukrainian talents and matched to jobs at Swedish companies and businesses. The project was aimed at knowledge-intensive companies and talents who wanted to work in knowledge-intensive companies.

This Switch to Sweden activity was a collaboration between various Swedish Science Parks.

energiboost syd

The Energiboost Syd project (2018-2020) was a mission from the Swedish Energy Agency to support energy related innovations that could decrease the CO2 emissions. Together with the partners we helped over 45 energy innovation companies to get a 1-2-1 meeting with the Agency, to discuss funding opportunities, offered trainings in sales, funding, CO2 calculations and system calculations. We also held seminars to meet investors and learn how to create more diversified teams.

On our list of energy innovation companies in the region, we still monitor over 100 and work to find ways to continue supporting them and their growth.

Partners in in this project: Ideon Science Park, Ideon Innovation, Win Energy, Minc and LTH (Lund University).

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