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Axis Communications

”We were one of the first companies that started at Ideon. Even now, when we have evolved into a global company with approximately 3,000 employees, it is important for us to remain where we have our roots. It is part of our culture and identity.”

Ray Mauritsson, CEO Axis Communications

Partners worldwide

Million SEK sales 2023

Axis is one of the largest employers in the south of Sweden. The company started in 1984 with support of Ideon Science Park and is now owned by Canon.

  • Founded in 1984

  • Invented the world’s first network camera in 1996

  • 4 000 employees worldwide


”The goal was to develop a phone that would fit into the breast pocket of a jacket or a shirt. For the first product launch, we had to special order shirts with extra large pockets.”

Mats Lindoff, VP Product Development Mobile Phones, Ericsson 1985-2000

Patents worldwide

Employees worldwide

Ericsson was the first companies at Ideon Science Park in 1983 and what followed were groundbreaking innovations like the first Ericsson Mobile Phone and the development of Bluetooth. One of the first models, the HotLine Combi, weighed 4 kilograms and had a prize in the monetary value of today of 30,000 SEK.

The development of Bluetooth, was initiated in 1989 by Nils Rydbeck, CTO at Ericsson Mobile in Lund, Sweden and by Johan Ullman.

  • Founded in 1876, established at Ideon in 1983

  • The HotLine 900 Pocket was the first pocket sized phone launched in Sweden

  • 362 million connected devices powered by Bluetooth were shipped in 2018

Tendo – for people, not symptoms

“Ideon is undoubtedly the best choice for us. Our work covers everything from medical technology, software development and AI to hardware with 3D printing and physical prototypes – finding a location that can support all areas is not easy. At Ideon we found a diverse network which, together with proximity to eg. Lund University, Mobile Heights Center and Medicon Village, created a perfect place for us.”

Sofie Woge, CEO at Tendo

Tendo is a design driven Nordic company that develops robotic medical aid for people with gripping limitations. The first product is made to assist a person to grip, hold and release objects by pulling artificial tendon – like a puppeteer. It’s specially made for people who struggles with everyday activities due to e.g. a stroke, spinal cord injury or arthritis.

Find out more about Tendo here »

Schneider electric

”As we, as a company and above all our R & D department, are focusing more on digital solutions and agile methods, we sought to establish ourselves in a technology-intensive area. What could then be better than moving to Lund and Ideon with all the startups and scaleup companies within IoT and Electrical Engineering.”

Pär Guthagen, Country Facility Manger Sweden, Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric has opened an Innovation Centre at Ideon, with the focus on innovation in energy efficiency and developing the smart cities of the future.

The motto is ”innovation at every level” and so the office is also a living lab, using the platform EcoStruxure as well as the Building Management System StruxureWare and the fire alarm system FXL. 


”One of the main reasons we succeeded was the Android and iPhone and also people getting used to the subscription model thanks to Netflix and Spotify.”

Jon Hauksson, co-founder Storytel

Million SEK in streaming revenue 2023


Market share in Sweden

Storytel is a digital subscription service that streamlines audiobooks to your mobile phone and was founded in 2005 by Jonas Tellander and Jon Hauksson. 

Today, Storytel are the largest book service for audio books and e-books in the Nordics, with activities in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, the Netherlands and Poland. Storytel has also acquired several publishing houses, like Norstedts publishing group.

  • Founded in 2005, participated in Ideon’s Incubation Programs

  • In 2018, the company launched their own reading tablet, Storytel Reader

  • Co-founder Jon Hauksson was one of our five mentors in the 2018 Mentorship Program for scaleups

Innovations developed in and around Ideon Science Park

Exciting up-and-coming Innovations from the Park


Based on novel intelligent algorithms and advanced models, Cognibotics’ solutions help drive the next wave of wide-spread robot use. 

With Cognibotics inside, robots become more accurate, easier to program, and more capable, making them suitable for an expanding array of industry, healthcare, and future consumer applications.


Developing awareness connectivity software enabling streaming of data, audio and video in offline environments.


QOITECH has developed Otii Arc. Power Analyzer, Log Sync & Power Supply in one Product.

Otii Arc is the ultimate tool for any developer wanting to design highly energy efficient Internet of Things products.

Helios Innovations

Helios Innovations have developed a new desalination technology that can purify seawater with the help of residual heat from heavy industries.

Helios Innovations will supply world-leading desalination machines to coastal industries worldwide. With their technology, factories can produce their own water and save drinking water for us humans.


Develops innovative memory solutions for a connected world. Xenergic’s memory solutions enable digital SoC designers to reach the peak of energy and area efficiency.


Let Sensative make a difference in your Smart Building or City. Since the start, their vision has been to make data accessible and actionable. To tear down system silos, making IoT easy to implement, scale and to use. It all comes down to their different views on how to build a data-driven organization through the power of horizontal architecture that frees data, removes technology and vendor lock-ins.


Avsalt is developing the world’s first low energy, scalable electric water desalination.

Avsalt develops a desalination system with the aim to offer the world’s most efficient, cost effective and low energy solution to a growing problem – the shortage of drinkable water .


At bintel, they want to be the brain of the waste management industry – the partner that helps you reach your environmental and financial goals.

They believe that simplicity is the key to profitable sustainability. Becoming smart should be a nice thing. That is why their advanced IoT solutions are easy to use on any waste bin and our advanced analytics tool will help you digitalize your waste management process and logistics.

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