Mångfald är vår styrka

Ideon Science Park har en bred kompetens inom områden som connectivity, ICT, Life science, cleantech, medtech, smarta material and matinnovation. I en värld där traditionella affärsmodeller utmanas av nya aktörer, är denna mångfald vår styrka. Vi har grupperat dessa kompetenser i fyra fokusområden, men vi försöker alltid arbeta tvärfunktionellt och utmaningsdrivet, enligt tankarna kring öppen innovation. 

Framtida Transporter
Connectivity, självstyrande bilar, elektrifiering och bildelning, alla starka trender som skapar framtidens transportlösningar.

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Smarta Städer
Smarta städer är ett brett område som omfattar allt från hållbara lösningar, belysning, sensorer och big data till socialt entreprenörskap och beteendevetenskap.

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Smarta Material
Inkluderar nya material och nya tillämpningar, som är lätta, har särskilda funktioner, beteenden eller smidigt underhåll. 3D-skrivare och prototyper är en viktig del av detta fokusområde.

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Health Tech
Health Tech kallas också e-hälsa, m-hälsa, mobilhälsa och så vidare. Vi föredrar att prata om vad Health Techkan göra och hur det kan användas av hälsovården och av patienter.

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Future Transportation

Connectivity, Autonomous vehicles, Electrification and car sharing, all major trends that are shaping the future of transportation. This will also have a major impact on city planning, see our focus are Smart Cities.
Volvo Cars, LOGE, Bosch and Sigma Connectivity are som companies working with solutions for Future Transporation here.
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guy sitting aboce city

Smart Cities

The area of Smart Cities is wide and spans everything from sustainable solutions, lighting, sensors and big data to social entrepreneurship and behavioural studies.
At Ideon, we support our companies in their effort to grow their business in this area, but we are also trying to connect them with each other, key players and decision makers, and cluster organisations like WIN, Packbridge and Future by Lund. Ericsson, Sigma Connectivity, Ublox and Bosch are some of the companies working with solutions for Smart Cities.
Find more companies working with Smart Cities solutions here

Find more companies working with Smart Cities here


Smart Materials

The strict definition of Smart materials is a material “when the input stimulus of a variable changes the output of other variables which were not given as input. If there is a change in external environment such as light, pressure, temperature and electricity, then the smart materials would change some of its properties with respect to the change in environment. Suitably designed structures are made from smart materials that can expand, bend or contract when a voltage or electricity is applied to them.” (view source here)

We chose a broader interpretation that also includes new materials and new applications, as there is a need for materials that are lightweight, have certain functionalities, performances or easy maintenance as well. 3D-printing and prototyping are a major part of this focus area.

In this area we also include the research on how to use certain materials, such as the research conducted at MAX IV and in the future at ESS as well. MAX IV has built the brightest X-ray source in the world. These X-rays will enable the study of materials that we use today and improve them beyond the performance that we know. In addition, MAX IV will allow scientists to develop new materials and products that we cannot even imagine today, such as medications with better and more precise functions and fewer side-effects, nanoparticles for diverse areas of application, including paints, catalysis or computing, or lighter and stronger packaging materials for the future.

ESS, MAX IV, Lund University, Material Business Center and Ideon Open are some of the companies working with Smart materials. We are also working closely with cluster organisations like Packbridge and IUC South.

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Healthtech is also called e-health, m-health, mobile health and so on. We prefer to talk about what Healthtech can do and how it can be used by healthcare system and patients. This area includes web based connections with doctors and pharmacists, smart watches to monitor your health, AI to spot potential risk groups, robots, 3D printed exoskeletons and much more.

We have 70 companies within life science and 30 of them focus on Healthtech.
AppInMed, Apptimate, BoneSupport, Tendo and Exini are some of the companies working with Healthtech.

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