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April 18, 2017News, WeAreIdeon

With 400 companies at Ideon, it is difficult to keep track of what everyone is doing. We want to make it easier for all of us to get to know one another by inviting you behind the scenes. Every other week, one company will take over our Instagram account and share their working life with you. Combain are hosting our account this week.

Hi, Yllka Xhemajli, what can you tell me about Combain?

Yllka Xhemajli, Combain
Yllka Xhemajli, Combain

Combain is a world leading geolocation service provider for connected IoT devices. Combain has one of the world largest databases of cell-id and wifi that is used for accurate indoor and outdoor geopositioning of devices. The database includes more than 80 million cell-ids and 1.2 billion wifis from more than 200 countries.

Combain’s customers are leading mobile network operators, cyber security companies, IoT device manufacturers. The positioning service is provided as a cloud-based API, Combain CPS API, and as a cloud-based IoT platform, Thinxmate.  Combain is located in Lund, Sweden and Palo Alto, USA and serves customers world-wide.

What products or services do you offer?

Indoor & outdoor positioning.

What will you be showing us this week on Instagram?

I will show you some snapshots of what we are doing at here at Combain. This week we will show you how a day looks like for Invoice mobile, Worxmate and Combain.

Invoice mobile is a Invoice service app that you can use for free, it´s available for iOS and Android.

Worxmate is a complete fleet management system. Worxmate is used by companies that has workers on the field. With Combaines positioning services you can track cars and get real time information reported back from workers from the field. We support  Transportation,  Lumber and Service companies. We offer special customisations due to each company have different wants and needs.

Combain positioning solution is used for accurate indoor and outdoor geopositioning of devices.

We have unique and exciting projects that we are working with and one of them is with Blink Services.

Are there any areas where you would like a closer cooperation or exchange of ideas with other Ideon Companies?

We are always interested in new things  when it comes to IoT and Smart Cities.

Find out more about Combain here

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