Sweden is hot right now! A summer greeting from our CEO Mia Rolf

June 28, 2018News, WeAreIdeon

The weather in May was extraordinary. Sunny and hot, giving us the feeling that there are no cares in the world. The same goes for the business climate in Sweden. Swedish export companies are working on high steam and in the development sector, our pool of software and IoT competences has never been hotter or more sought after. Yes – there might be a risk the well is drying out, but right now we are all feeling pretty good!

Mia Rolf och Yasemin Arhan Modéer
Mia Rolf and Yasemin Arhan Modéer at the Yes Day 2018

In fact, one factor that can stop our companies at Ideon Science Park from growing is the lack of senior software developers. This is one of the few clouds in the sky moving into the summer vacation time. This is why we are so proud of the cooperation with Lund University, Region Skåne, Arbetsförmedlingen, Blekinge Tekniska Högskola and Region Blekinge, where we attract incoming academics and give them a University level fast track education within different areas of programming, project and job culture skills and some Swedish/English skills, and then put them into internship in the companies in and around the park. If you are interested in these internships candidates, just let us know.

Many international delegations – a chance at new partnerships and markets

I am happy to receive lots of interest from international delegations, looking to Sweden and Ideon Science Park for the best innovations and innovation ecosystem in the world. We try to match make with as many of you as possible, I hope you notice our efforts to help you find international partnerships and markets.

From startups to gigants – they are all here

I am also happy to see the increase in female entrepreneurs in the park, due to the thorough work from Ideon Innovation on inclusive and sustainable entrepreneurship. I am just as proud to see that creative connections between startups and large corporations are becoming a standard when reaching for innovation success though the method open innovation. Something that Ideon Open, including the WIN organisation, is working hard with every day. Together, we have an assignment from the Swedish Energy Agency to find and push for more energy related innovations, so if you are developing one of those, you might be hotter than ever right now! Please contact Olof Blomqvist to make sure you are on the hot list!

To conquer the future you need partnerships

At the end of May we had a crowded event called Visioning the Future, where some of our larger companies in the park shared their visions of the future. Karin Stigbahr, our Communications Manager, made an excellent reflection over this day, that was published with IASP, the global association of Science Parks, you can read it here – You can’t survive tomorrow without partnerships.

Let’s keep the heat going

All in all, the sun is shining on us, let’s make the most of it! We all deserve a nice break now, with friends and families. But in August, when we meet again, let’s all keep this heat going! In order to stay hot you need to keep the energy level up. We hope you feel that there is no better place to be than right here, if you want to change the world.

Have a great summer! Stay hot!


Arne Hansson becomes new CEO of Ideon Open

April 25, 2018News

Arne Hansson becomes the new CEO of Ideon Open AB, starting May 1st. Arne has worked as Innovation Consultant at Ideon Open since 2015 with clients like Stora Enso, Bona, Sandvik, Perstorp and the Swedish Energy Agency. He has previously worked with companies such as Trelleborg AB, Mars Inc., Ericsson and Sony Ericsson. Arne has also started various companies, such as the WalkMeHome Personal Security Application, launched globally in 2012.

Arne Hansson, Ideon Open
Arne Hansson, Ideon Open

“The combined experience from both large companies and startups is an important foundation of our business and a prerequisite for being able to work effectively with open innovation and entrepreneurial methods in mature organizations,” says Arne Hansson and adds “I look forward to leading this amazing organization!”

Ideon Open’s clients concist to 80 percent from industry and 20 percent from public organizations. The company is a commission-funded, non-profit company. “Ideon Open has a mission to promote growth in business and society,” says Stephan Müchler, chairman of Ideon Open. “I look forward to working with Arne and to continue the development of this exciting and important business.”

Mats Dunmar, who started the business in 2011 and who has been instrumental in the creation of Ideon Open, will take up a new position with Skanska where he will work with the development of future homes and offices.

About Ideon Open AB

Ideon Open AB is part of Ideon Science Park and supports the Swedish industry with services and working methods based on open innovation and lean startup methods. The company is owned by Lund University, Lund Municipality and Wihlborgs AB. The chairman is Stephan Müchler, CEO of the South Swedish Chamber of Commerce.

Ideon Open offers three different concepts for business development;
– ASSIGNMENTS – Challenge-driven innovation assignments tailored for each client
– WIN – a model for open innovation in networks that accelerates development through active matchmaking between innovators and companies. WIN Water and WIN Guard are well established models and WIN Energy is under development.
– BEYOND – a collaborative corporate accelerator for companies that want to develop disruptive business ideas at a high pace. Inwido, Saint Gobain/Ecophon and Alfa Laval all have one or more team in place.

For more information, please contact

Arne Hansson, Ideon Open, +46 703 194 740
Stephan Müchler, Chairman of the Board, +46 40 690 24 05

Curious about Ideon Open?


Big Science brings enormous potential and innovation power to Swedish industry

February 21, 2018News

We meet up with Anna Hall, Program Director for Big Science Sweden, an organization that recently moved in to Ideon.

Hello Anna, can you tell me about Big Science Sweden, who are you and what do you do?

Anna-Hall_Big Science Sweden
Anna-Hall, Big Science Sweden

“Big Science Sweden is the official Swedish ILO-organization, helping Big Science facilities across the world find Swedish suppliers. We help Swedish companies to become suppliers of advanced equipment and qualified services for research facilities across the world. We are an arena where people meet, networks are created and business is being done. We build relationships with procurement officers and people who work with technology development at research centers around Europe.”

“The goal is to get more companies to invest in Big Science. We are working hard to understand the challenges of the facilities, and then enable Swedish industry as potential suppliers and partners to solve the challenges. We organize workshops to discuss challenges that industry and academia have, and here we also have representatives from research facilities present. We are like a connector between industry, academy and facilities.”

“It is unique that Vinnova, the Swedish Research Council and the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth have joined forces to fund a venture. We are a consortium that works nationally, where Teknikföretagen (the Association of Swedish Engineering Industries), IUC Syd, Chalmers, Lund University, Uppsala University, Luleå University, RISE, Swerea and Region Skåne are involved.”

When you say Big Science, what do you mean?

“Large scale research facilities. An example is CERN, which was created in the 50’s as a European cooperation project. It was at CERN that the world-wide web was invented in 1989 because they needed to structure their data. This is an example of a spin off-effect that came from a large-scale research facility. Who knows what will come from MAX IV and ESS?”

There is much talk about exciting research that can be done at MAX IV and ESS, but what benefits can the industry have from the facilities?

“We usually talk about upstream and downstream. Doen-stream is about using the facility, where the results are owned by the researchers. Up-stream is about the work in and around a facility, such as designing, building and upgrading a facility. This innovation force has now come to Lund.”

“Many times, groundbreaking technologies are needed in order to make the research facilities work. One example is ESS, which will have 1.7 million checkpoints. This may require artificial intelligence and machine learning to control the facilities. We need to find the right processes to take advantage of the facilities and what we learn from building them in Lund and to make the most of the innovative power here. We want to find ways to take an innovation and commercialize it. Ideon has an important role in this work.”

You have moved into Ideon Open, what was the reason for moving in here?

“Ideon and Lund are a natural place for us to be located in, especially as ESS and MAX IV are here. We can use the premises at Ideon Open to host meetings and workshops near the facilities. Both ESS and MAX IV work a lot with in-kind deliveries and we want to see how it can be transferred to local suppliers, so we build national knowledge.”

“Lund is an attractive place and Ideon is an important arena where companies and people can meet and grow together. Ideon has four focus areas, where smart materials are an important part. Ideon also has the task to drive business development and to support companies that want to develop innovative materials, so we see many opportunities for cooperation. Beyond (Ideon Open’s corporate accelerator) where they run innovation projects is also interesting to us. One of our goals is to drive high technology development and innovation projects, here we can get support from Beyond and Ideon Open.”

What are you working on right now?

“At the moment we are working closely with the facilities to understand their challenges, so that we can match them with the right industries. We are a new organisation and are setting up our processes. We do many study visits, even to other facilities. On April 10-11, we are planning for a study visit to DESY / EXFL in Hamburg. Let us know if you are interested in joining!”

Do you want to find out more about Big Science Sweden? Visit their website eller follow them on Twitter.

Behind the scenes with Ideon Open and WIN #instatakeover

January 24, 2018News, WeAreIdeon

Next week, Ideon Open and WIN will be taking over our Instagram account. So we took the opportunity to talk to Matilda Larnert-Gauger from Ideon Open and Alice Hedin from WIN.

Alice Hedin WIN 2
Alice Hedin, WIN
Matilda Larnert-Gauger Ideon Open 2
Matilda Larnert-Gauger, Ideon Open









Hello, Matilda and Alice, can you tell me about the teams working at WIN and Ideon Open?

“People at Ideon Open call themselves open innovation navigators. They all have in common a way of entrepreneurial thinking and a passion for innovation. They use their substantial experience in initiating and leading open innovation projects as well as their skills as entrepreneurs and business developers. They are working with the goal to add growth to existing businesses with lean start-up thinking and open innovation in large enterprises”, says Matilda.

“In the WIN team there are people with various backgrounds and competences, providing different input and solutions. For example they are engineers, experts within financing, marketing and communication, and business development, as well as researchers and experts within WIN’s focus areas”, Alice explains.

“The management team of Ideon Open, including WIN, consists of some true Ideon profiles. For instance, Mats Dunmar, Patrik Söderlund and Maria Sätherström Lantz have had important roles in shaping Ideon Science Park, Ideon Innovation and JOIN Business & Technology AB“, Matilda adds.


Organisation at Ideon Open
Organisation at Ideon Open

Can you tell me more about your companies and what you do?

“Ideon Open was started about five years ago and can be described as an open innovation agency. There are three parts of the organization: Ideon Open Assignments, WIN and Beyond. Ideon Open Assignments works mainly with large companies and organizations in the public sector. They assist companies in creating a team with internal developers and outside experts from around the world. This team collaborates to find optimized solutions for specific innovation challenges. This way they can reach beyond what they would achieve internally on their own”, Matilda explains.

“Beyond is an accelerator environment where multinational companies can run external innovation projects that are outside of their core business. They bring together a team with internal resources, consultants and other individuals selected for their specific project. This qualified mix of people work together in the Beyond environment, guided by the Ideon Open team. In team sessions they can also practice pitching their project to the decision makers in their companies. After three months the company can decide to either continue working with the project, or move on to a new project”, Matilda adds.

“The third part of Ideon Open is WIN, which started six years ago as “Water Innovation Accelerator” (WIN), now known as WIN Water. WIN Water is an open innovation marketplace and business network within the water sector. WIN Water helps new innovations get faster access to the water market. The network has now grown to more than 70 members, including small innovative companies as well as large corporations, universities, water utilities and more – including the whole chain of water-related industry” Alice says.

“The partners are represented by the private sector with companies and large corporations, the public sector with municipalities and public utilities and the academy with universities and research institutes. They all represent the market need for new solutions and innovations. The partners get a good view of trends and business intelligence; WIN can be an eye opener for what is possible and which technologies could replace the outdated ones. Partners contribute to WIN by providing support to innovation companies, facilitating market access and providing test beds, in addition to personal and  financial contributions as members” Alice explains.

“In October 2016 WIN had the opportunity to start a new innovation platform within the area of civil security together with the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB) and this is called WIN Guard. Recently WIN started a collaboration with the Swedish Energy Agency to create a new network platform for innovation within the energy area. The three networks share several challenges and potentially also solutions” Alice concludes.

The goal of WIN is to increase the speed of change within all these areas.

What are you going to show us next week?

“Follow the Instagram feed next week to explore the environment at our office and a get glimpse of a regular week at Ideon Open – some days the office is crowded, some days it is very quiet. On Monday we will show Ideon Open Assignments, on Tuesday and Wednesday Beyond will be in focus, and on Thursday and Friday the turn comes to WIN. The WIN days will include a few snap shots from WIN partner meetings” Matilda finishes.

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Building a bridge between old and new business models with Beyond

November 15, 2017News

The collaborative corporate accelerator Beyond was officially opened on November 9. Mats Dunmar, Manager at Ideon Open, emphasized the importance of Beyond in terms of creating a critical mass to keep up the quality of innovation in his opening speech. Gabriel Grelte, Vice President R&D at Inwido AB,talked about their challenges in generating new ideas and finding new innovations. “Being able to have dedicated teams working at one project during a certain time will help us drive innovation with speed. It is also a great opportunity to collaborate with other companies and generate new ideas”, Gabriel said.


The most important part of Beyond will be to build a bridge between our existing business, merge it with news ideas and bring them to the market faster. Gabriel Grelte, Inwido AB

Erik Ronne from RISE(Research Institutes of Sweden) talked about how RISE will contribute to Beyond and the collaboration with Ideon Open. “It will be a success story to combine the lean startup methodology in an agile environment at Ideon Open with the power of a large technical institute as RISE. Together we will cut lead times in the innovation process and contribute to more radical innovations.”

Carl-Magnus Svenningsson, Marketing Director at Ecophon Saint-Gobain, stated how Beyond is important to complete their company's vision in terms of innovation with these words: “Our vision is to become market leader and innovation leader in our business field. We hope our ventures will take us to a better market position and when we saw that the possibilities to join Beyond, we felt that this fits perfectly well with our strategy.”

We hope to challenge not only our own expectations but to go Beyond our customers’ expectations as well. Carl-Magnus Svenningsson, Ecophon Saint-Gobain

Stephan Müchler, CEO, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Southern Sweden, talked about the importance of companies to admit that they don’t know everything in the context of innovation and that they should be open-minded to new ways of working. That is why Beyond is important, to give inspiration to companies and to create an innovative environment for them to improve their vision and ideas. He then opened the door (from Inwido) with his fingerprint and Beyond was officially opened!

About Beyond

Beyond is a corporate accelerator, where several large companies share the same environment and apply lean startup methods to find new business models and products. It’s unique in the sense that it is tailor-made for large corporations, while other accelerators focus on startups. The aim is to provide a disruptive environment with coaching from both the program and the fellow member companies.

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