Tech visits and study tours

A visit by a delegation can serve as part of an education program or partnership scouting. Very often we work together with Lund University and Region Skåne to create the best possible experience when visiting Lund and Ideon.

We offer you a tailored visiting programme to secure your business objectives and to make the most of your visit at Ideon Science Park and to our region. We can help with everything from matchmaking, to high level management meetings, tech tours and open innovation facilitation. The price for your visit starts from EUR 750 and will vary depending on the type of arrangements that are planned.

Interested in a visit to Ideon Science Park?

Are you interested in visiting us here at Ideon? Please fill out this form. The more we know about you and what you are interested in, the better we can plan a great visit for you.

We need to receive information about your proposed visit and goals at least 6 weeks in advance of arrival in order to plan the visit in the best manner.

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