BEYOND is a collaborative corporate accelerator environment for large multinational companies


BEYOND is a unique corporate accelerator where several major companies share the same environment and are coached in working with lean startup methods to find new business models and products. The initiative is a collaboration between RISE (Research Institutes of Sweden) and Ideon Open, the Open Innovation experts at Ideon Science Park. The goal is to help companies develop their business beyond the company's walls and existing business structures.

The accelerator is specifically designed to help companies develop their ideas into sustainable new business models by working on entrepreneurial methods challenging the company's existing structures and business models. After an evaluation of the maturity level of the project, clear goals are set for the team to work towards.


Gain as-you-go guidance and training in the philosophy, mindset and methodology behind innovation management, lean startup and intrapreneurial execution.

Ideon Open

Ideon Open

Ideon Open uses collaboration and co-creation to reignite entrepreneurship in your company. We are experienced in lean the startup methodology and know how to run projects involving multiple players through open innovation to achieve brand new results. 

RISE – Research Institutes of Sweden


With more than 2,000 researchers within almost all technical areas, RISE can help the project teams with technical adaptations. With 130 test beds, RISE can test new products and as a leading player in certification, standardization and validation, RISE can help understand the requirements that must be fulfilled to reach out with a product globally. 


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