Creating a sustainable future

As we aim to be a sustainable Science Park working towards Agenda2030 and the 17 developments
goals, we are involved in the following projects.

Get business-ready for Agenda 2030 – UN SDG and UN Global Compact Training

Ideon Science Park, including Ideon Innovation and Ideon Open, have directed our strategy towards SDG 8, supported by 5, 9 and 17. Learn why in this training.

As a further commitment towards becoming the leading science park in the world to tackle the major challenges we face today, Ideon Science Park has also become the first science park in the world to become a member of the UNGC, the world’s largest voluntary corporate sustainability initiative.

You’ll learn:

  • Why incorporating the SDG’s and becoming a member of the UNGC is GOOD for your business
  • How to build these initiatives into your company’s DNA and not just as a “nice to have” activity
  • Properly communicating these initiatives internally and externally for maximum effectiveness
  • And, much, much more.

For more information, contact Ideon Science Parks project manager, Neal Greenspan ( or download the information sheet.

Matching newly arrived academics with Ideon companies

The need for trained programmers in the south of Sweden in general is high and in the park huge.
Through an European Social Fund (ESF) project we offer newly arrived academics a fast track to programmer jobs, including matching tests, university training, internship and first-job-support. Ideon Science Park´s role is to find internships opportunities and work with the companies to meet their needs as good as possible.

The project MatchIT is financed by ESF and is a collaboration between Lund University, Arbetsförmedlingen (Swedish Employment Agency), Region Skåne, Blekinge School of Technology and Region Blekinge.

Find out more about the MatchIT project here »

Energy cooperation southern Sweden

The world needs more energy innovations to counter the climate changes, and we need them

fast! We are scouting the south of Sweden for energy related innovations and connecting them with the Swedish Energy Agency. WIthin the network we are helping each other how to create more energy related innovations.

The project is financed by the Swedish Energy Agency and is a cooperation with Lund School of Technology and the incubators Minc and Agile. Ideon Open and Ideon Innovation are important members of the project team.

Ideon Coder Kids

In order to inspire more kids to become programmers, and to show them what life in a science park
could be like, we arrange the Ideon CoderKids once a year, where Ideon companies like
ARM, Axis Communications, Qlik, Sony and Volvo Cars teach kids why and how to program!

And every other week the most interested kids are welcome to CoderDojo, where volunteers guide kids in how to program in applications such as Scratch and Python.

The Yes Way

Diversity is key to groundbreaking innovations! To ensure that entrepreneurs with diverse
backgrounds and gender feel welcome into the innovation support system, Ideon Innovation have started a groundbreaking project where they broaden the term “entrepreneur” and investigate what it takes and what the system, the incubators and the science park need to do to become more diverse and welcoming. The project is financed by Vinnova.

Find out more about the Yes Way »

testbeds – try out your ideas at Ideon!

At Ideon, we think it is important that you test your ideas as early as possible. Before the consumer tests, you need to test out the functionality and there are opportunities for you to do that at Ideon. It may be sensors,  a plant wall or something else.

Contact us to find out more!

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