Pitcher’s Corner is on site at Ideon Agora on most Tuesdays mornings. It is a welcoming, supportive place where you can learn and practice to pitch in front of an audience, who will listen and also give you valuable feedback. Each Pitcher’s Corner session is an opportunity for up to three pitchers to present their elevator pitch. A few people in the audience are assigned different roles; one person will give positive feedback on the pitch, one will share thoughts on what can be improved, a third will give feedback from an investor or customer perspective etc. You are warmly invited to participate – as a pitcher and in the audience!

Pitching is a skill that can benefit everyone. It is not only for entrepreneurs looking for investments – though that is an important one! Building and delivering an effective pitch ensures that you have clarity around your offer, making what you can do for your customers super clear.

Taking that clarity and then creating and delivering a pitch at Pitcher’s Corner is one of the best ways for you to increase your chances of success. Be it to build an audience, get partners or employees, increase sales, or get investors to invest in your company, Pitcher’s Corner is the right place for you to develop this valuable skill.

The Best Pitch Wins 

Pitcher’s Corner includes a semester-long competition and the 2024 fall semester starts on August 27. Each weekly winner gets a spot in the semifinals scheduled for November 26 and December 3, and the winner of the finals on December 10 will win 5,000 SEK!

Pitcher’s Corner is on site at Ideon Agora on certain Tuesdays at 9:30 – 11:00. You will find the dates in our event calendar. You only need to book a time if you want to pitch. If you want to be in the audience, you are welcome any time, no sign-up is necessary.

Join as a pitcher – or audience. Either way, you will learn a lot.

>> Directions to Ideon Agora (Scheelevägen 15, Lund)


The pitch should be one minute, created using the NABC model and have no slides, just spoken.

Do you want to pitch?



As a pitch coach since 2012, Neal has listened to and given feedback on ~1,600 pitches. He has created and offered direction on countless pitch and presentation decks. In a friendly and educational way, Neal gives crisp and effective advice on how to create a message that will stand out from the crowd and rise above the noise.


Pelle has a long experience in coaching entrepreneurs on how to build a business. He knows the ins and outs of sales techniques and gives pitch training high priority. His earlier experience with theatre shows in his stage presence – something that he is using for the benefit of the praticipants. With his endless energy, Pelle is a great sourse of inspiration at Pitcher’s Corner. 

What do people say?

After just a few rounds at Pitchers Corner, I went from noticeable insecurity in both presentation technique and content to winning the “Best Presentation Award” in Silicon Valley.

I recommend anyone who has the chance to attend Pitchers Corner and open up to both new perspectives and pitching techniques.

Tom Johansson


Huge thanks for the awesome pitch training at Pitcher’s Corner over the past years. Getting feedback from both the specialists and the crowd was seriously awesome. It was super helpful to tweak my pitch based on different viewpoints and the trainer’s tips on what to include or skip in that quick 1-minute pitch.

Maria Martinez


When I learned to use the N.A.B.C. model, I realized that this is really interesting and I could put together my first REAL pitch. I have since developed this further.

Magnus Alfredsson


The Pitcher’s Corner experience was a game-changer: First off, I tackled my fear of public speaking head-on and now I feel way more chill talking to crowds, which, for a startup is crucial. And secondly, the coaching style is so upbeat; They dish out feedback in a way that’s all about highlighting what you’re great at while also giving pointers on how you can improve. I’d totally encourage anyone to attend!

Maria Martinez


How to perfect your pitch

Meet the founder of Proethos, Magnus Alfredsson, and Pelle Garvell as they talk about when Magnus first got the chance to pitch and what difference the coaching made.

Video : Courtesy of Proethos

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