We help companies become more resilient

Together with different partners and stakeholders, Ideon Science Park is committed to helping companies with cybersecurity challenges and supporting companies that wish to improve their cybersecurity practices.

Why Improve

Swedish companies are often at the forefront of innovation but trailing behind in cybersecurity. Small and medium-sized businesses often lack the time and expertise needed to safeguard their operations and develop secure products.

black and blue power bank
black and blue power bank

Acting On Cyber Threats

To enhance cybersecurity in your company, start by getting a deeper understanding of the threats you face. From there, you can implement measures to secure your internal processes, policies, development philosophies, tools, and the testing and validation of your products.

How We Can Help

Together with partners, we wish to help bridge the cybersecurity gap by equipping companies with the knowledge and tools necessary to defend against cyber threats.

We offer a range of services and resources, such as security assessments, training programs, and expert guidance. Our aim is to empower you to not only protect your own interests but also to bolster your competitiveness in an increasingly digital world.

Education & Knowledge

Training in Secure Programming

Reviews of New Regulations


Seminars & Webinars


Matchmaking & Network


Trade Shows

Open Networking Events


Testing & Demo

Innovation Sprints

Validation Testing


Sweden Secure Tech Hub is a national cyber security innovation hub. Ideon Science Park is a part of a consortia; Sweden ICT, consisting of the leading six science parks in tech and digitalization that are part of the collaboration. The consortia helps small and medium-sized tech companies to create safer digital products and solutions – starting already in the design and development phase.

Through the hub, we offer a variety of resources and services, from inspiration and skills development to consulting support, testing opportunities and help finding funding for concrete development initiatives. Read more about the support that we offer through Sweden Secure Tech Hub.

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Liza Johansson

Liza Johansson

Senior Project Manager

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