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We arrange travel and accomodation for companies, investors, entrepreneurs, and business developers who wish to join our start up trips to the world’s largest and most important tech events for startups and growing companies. We coordinate these trips to make travel easier and make sure that you network well and get value from attending these events (see list below).

We assign at least one business developer as a coordinator and a helper for each group traveling from Ideon Science Park. The price indicated below covers return travel to Kastrup, accommodation on-site (single room “Scandic standard”), and entry tickets. Prices may differ depending on whether you are a start-up, investor, or business developer. We have set the cost estimates high on purpose to help with budget planning. We will try to get as many free tickets and other benefits as possible to lower the costs. Ideon Science Park will charge an extra fee to manage the trip and prepare companies and individuals for the journey.

In order to find out how many of you are interested in traveling to these events with our groups from Ideon, we have created a form where you can register your interest. 

We will ask for final information about individuals, companies, etc., later, along with more specific information about cancellation fees, etc. We will share estimated costs during an initial information meeting for each trip, including details about cancellation policies. We will send separate invitations and final registrations for each event.

Paris, 21-22 March

Hello Tomorrow Global Summit

This summit is part of the Deep Tech Days. It brings together startups, investors, industry leaders and researchers. Over 80 deep tech startups, large industrial leaders, research centres, international organisations and other ecosystem builders will be exhibiting their products, services and unique delegations from the deep tech ecosystem. 3,000+ attendees, 100 speakers, 4 stages, 125 exhibitors etc.

Paris, 22-25 May

Viva Tech

VivaTech is aimed at startups, investors, executives, students, and academics. The event welcomes the public on the fourth day. The 2023 edition broke a record by drawing over 150,000 visitors during the whole event.

Estimated cost (three nights, departing on the morning of May 22nd):

– 17,000-18,000 SEK for startups and business developers

Copenhagen, 11- 12 Sept

Tech BBQ

As one of the largest startup and innovation events in Scandinavia, TechBBQ attracts people from all over the world who share a passion for technology and entrepreneurship. It began as a casual BBQ event for tech lovers and founders in 2013 but has grown into a two-day summit with various opportunities for learning, connecting, and expanding.

Lisbon, 11- 14 Nov

Web Summit

Web Summit in Lisbon is a premier global technology conference, attracting professionals from diverse industries annually since 2010. As a hub for innovation and networking, it brings together startups, industry leaders, investors, and tech enthusiasts to explore the latest trends and shape the future of technology and business. With its vibrant atmosphere and insightful talks, Web Summit is a must-attend event for those seeking to stay at the forefront of the ever-evolving tech landscape.

A rough estimate of the cost is around 21,500 SEK for startups and 29,700 SEK for business developers. For Web Summit, we need to consider that hotel and flight costs are very high in the evaluation.

Helsinki, 20- 21 Nov


SLUSH is the leading annual tech and startup event in Helsinki, Finland. It connects the global tech community by bringing together entrepreneurs, investors, and professionals in a vibrant setting. SLUSH has been a key platform for innovation, collaboration, and future-making since it started. It offers a unique mix of inspiring speakers, cutting-edge startups, and amazing networking opportunities. SLUSH is a catalyst for advancing the tech ecosystem. Come and experience SLUSH, where you can find ideas, make connections, and discover the future of technology.

Estimated cost approximately 19,000 SEK for startups and 27,000 SEK for business developers. Regarding Slush, in the assessment, we need to account for very high hotel and flight expenses.

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