What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small text file stored on your computer, and is used to analyze how visitors use the site. There are two types of cookies; temporary and those that are stored on your computer. Those that are stored on your computer can be used to show what is new on a website since you were last there. The cookie contains the last visit dates.

Avoiding cookies

Do not you want to accept cookies your browser can be set to automatically deny the storage of cookies or are informed every time a website asks to store a cookie. The browser can also delete previously stored cookies. See your browser’s help pages for more information. The function to customize the site for better readability will not work without cookies.
If you no longer want cookies to be stored on your computer or that your visit to our web page to appear in the statistics on Google Analytics, you can install an opt-out extension for your browser.

We use cookies on our site to

  • Analyze visitor statistics so that we can create a better user experience
  • Indicate in case the visitor has a browser that is not supported
  • Collect information about how visitors use the website to:
    • identifying users and sessions
    • identify new visitors
    • identify the source that explains how the user has landed on the site

Analysis Tool for Site

Web analysis tool Google Analytics used on this site uses cookies. These cookies collect information in the aggregate level of how visitors use the site such as page views, where visitors come from and visits in order to improve the site and provide a good user experience. If you do not want to accept cookies gather any information submitted.

Social media

We use social media such as Facebook and Twitter, and to these we have links from our website. The pages are to external sites that are beyond our control and therefore we can not answer for the cookies that are used there. There may also be links to other sites to which we refer, for example, in our news. Neither of these pages, we have control over.