PEP – Prelaunch Evaluation Program, website now live!

PEP – Prelaunch Evaluation Program, website now live!

Ideon Science Park has developed a peer-to-peer website for Ideon companies to share their ideas and get feedback prelaunch from others at Ideon. Making the process of feedback gathering much easier. Saving these entrepreneurs and companies time, money and resources. We are now looking for feedbackers in our Ideon community - go to and give feedback to the uploaded ideas. Your feedback will directly help Ideon entrepreneurs and companies! Become a PEP feedbacker now! For more information about PEP, please...

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Jibber wants to improve customer service online

We love to brag about our companies and show you what they offer and what they do. One way to do that is to take you behind the scenes of their every day life and to hand over our Instagram account. Next week, Jibber will be taking over, so we took the opportunity...


AURIX – young lawyers thinking outside the box

INSTATAKEOVER |One way to show off our fantastic companies is to hand over our Instagram account to them. Next week, you get to follow AURIX as they take over our Instagram and show you behind the scenes. We took the opportunity to talk to Oliver Titikic, CEO and...


Climathon in Lund 2018

“Solutions to limit the climate impact of plastics” was the topic of this years Climathon in Lund. The 24 hour hackathon gathered 54 participants and was thereby one of the larger among the 113 Climathons held simultaneous all around the world. By Olof...

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