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At Ideon Science Park we believe innovation occurs through synergy and collaboration. Therefore, we constantly strive to bringing people closer together to strengthen the sense of community among the residents at the park, through fun and informative events and activities.

Innovation Days

Innovation Days are our contribution to share and celebrate ground-breaking innovations from Lund and Skåne. We do this event every year, we will focus on innovations for challenges ranging from our homes to outer space! What will the future look like? Don’t miss the latest trends, innovations, exciting keynotes and co-creating opportunities!

More and more focus is being given to space technology. 2021 Ideon received a Space incubator, ESA Bic. To celebrate this 2021’s Innovation days theme was therefor space and was called The Future – Rocket Science? 

Find out more about Innovation Days here »

Ideon Coder Kids + Level up

Since 2017, Ideon Science Park has been hosting the popular Ideon Coder Kids for a day of autumn break. A full day of programming activities for both beginners and more experienced coders.

Ideon Coder Kids, for children aged 8-12 years, and Ideon Coder Kids: Level Up, for young people aged 13-15 years, welcome both beginners and those who already have knowledge in programming. Participants get the opportunity to learn more about programming, game development, web and problem solving.

The purpose of Ideon Coder Kids is to arouse the desire for coding and digital creation in children and young people and give them the drive to want to continue to develop.

These Ideon companies have participated in this event: Sony, Volvo Cars, Bosch, Qlik, ARM and Axis Communications.


“Wow what a day! I have learned how to make a bunch of games and designed backgrounds. The best thing was that I met others who liked programming too”

– From Ideon Coder Kids survey 2019

Ideon games

Ideon Science Park and Gigstep presents Ideon Games; a company tournament where you compete together with your colleagues against other companies within the park. The tournament is played over several weeks in the fall. And in October, the semifinal and final takesw place. 

Why do we do this? It’s important to have fun at work and meeting new people. You can find valuable connections even within your own organization.


It was maxed out, especially now at the end, really really fun! It felt like a big event. We were very impressed. I was really sweaty from the atmosphere!

– Act as Juan Deag, Axis Communications. Winners 2021.

Ideon Breakfast


Get some insight on what the companies are up to in the park! 

The Ideon Breakfast at Ideon Science Park (Agora building, Scheelevägen 15) is a great way to meet new connections and to grow your network. No cost, no registration needed. Just bring a colleague and come. This is your chance to unexpectedly meet the right person!  

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