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The more people you meet, the faster you are scaling up

Building a company and make it scale up requires massive networking. The more people that can help you succeed, the better. So the more time you can find to step out of your office and create real relationships, the farther your startup or scaleup will go. In order to receive help, you need to be willing to help others.

Here are some of the many options for you to find ways to network, all over our park. More can be found in the Event Calendar »

“One of the most powerful networking practises is to provide immediate value to a new connection. The moment you identify a way to help someone, act on it. At Ideon Science Park we call this the Ideon way.”

Mia Rolf

CEO, Ideon Science Park

Networks at Ideon Science Park

Ideon Breakfast

At Ideon Agora Every Tuesday from 08.45-9.30. A standing breakfast and update on what´s cooking in the park. The host of the morning gives a 10 minute presentation. Mingling is mandatory. Every other Tuesday this is followed by Pitcher´s Corner at 9.30. Open to all. Do you want to host the breakfast? Please contact Lotta Wessfeldt.

Rotary Club Ideon

Meeting every Thursday 07.30-09.45 at Restaurant Kryddhyllan. Rotary is a worldwide business network with 1,2 million members. At the Rotary Club Ideon the local academia, public and private high level executives meet over breakfast. 30 minutes of presentation included. Breakfast fee 120 SEK includes 20% to charity projects, Swish is accepted. All Ideon Science Park company employees are standing guests (at own cost) to our CEO, Mia Rolf. More information and program at Rotary Ideon.

Ideon CEO Network

Meetings four times per year for CEOs/Site Managers of the companies in the park. It includes a 30 minute presentation from high level management at innovation companies from the Nordic Region and the focus is always on visions and challenges of the future. For invitations contact our Senior Relationships Manager.

Open Innovation Breakfast

Ideon Open breakfasts is open to everyone in the Ideon Open on WIN network and is hosted by different companies working with open innovation. A standing breakfast and 10 minutes presentation is given. Contact Matilda Larnert-Gauger to find out more and get an invite.

MVA Medtech Network

A Danish-Swedish Medtech high level network giving four meetings per year offering critical education special for the Medtech industry and after work mingle. Every other meeting is in Copenhagen. Founded and run in a partnership with Medicon Valley Alliance. For membership or invitation contact

Big Science Morning

Big Science Sweden works to connect innovation suppliers to the large science facilities in Europe. They arrange competence arena meetings where academia and industry meet to share knowledge and to drive long-term co-developments to enhance big science further. Big Science Morning is a breakfast meeting with speakers or case presentations on the subject. Find out more about upcoming events here.

EFL Hot spot HR and digitalization

EFL is a management school and they offer networks within HR and Digitalization for people in management positions within midsize to large companies. The hot spot meetings occur six times per year at Ideon Agora and focus on sharing experience and discussions within leadership related to the subject. Watch the event calendar for the next event or find out more at EFL.

the yes day sessions

The Yes Way is a project that aims to introduce new perspectives in entrepreneurship towards the Agenda 2030/the UN Sustainable Develompment Targets by ensuring equality within innovation. Ideon Innovation initiates the project and gives interesting seminar sessions all year. Find out more about the Yes Way. 

The WIN networks

WIN offers a marketplace for businesses and innovations within the fields of water, energy and safety. Using open innovation, we speed up the process of getting innovations to the market. Activities include regular partner meetings, workshops, funding and much more. Find out more about the WIN Networks here


The Event Calendar –
your first step to becoming a professional networker

Many of the events and network meetings that are happening in and around Ideon Science Park are listed in our event calendar. Watch it regularly for any upcoming network opportunities.

Are you hosting an event in our area? Submit it to the calendar!

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