Wondering if your idea or your team is the next big thing? We provide the support you need to find out. We have a dedicated team of professional business-, pitch- and investment coaches who can guide you towards a successful company.

We offer some of Sweden’s most well-renowned incubation and growth programs for tech and deep tech startups.

We have tailored the route to success for startup companies since 2001 and our passion lies in building value into your company so that it develops and grows faster than it would outside this creative environment. Through our network you can get access to investors and external experts and you will easily make connections with other tech and deeptech startups and companies in our community.



From idea to startup

A 6-month incubation program to help people with passion and drive develop their ideas into sustainable businesses. It is also a network of co-working spaces where those ideas can start growing into the companies of the future, surrounded by other entrepreneurs who are also setting out on their journey.


Build your startup

A 9-month incubation program; 3 months of workshops, networking and peer to peer learning and 6 months of continuous development of you and your business.

In this program you will gain increased knowledge about business development, financing, and what is required to build business concepts and an organization.


Grow your startup

An adaptable incubation program for startups in the continuous phase after BUILD.

If you have developed your business further in one of our incubator programs or at another incubator, or have developed experience of running your business, then you are welcome to apply to GROW.


Part of the effort to make the Nordic region leading not only for starting up but also scaling up businesses

A program for companies in the continuous phase after GROW.

If you have developed your business further in one of our incubator programs or at another incubator, or have  developed experience of running your business – then you are welcome to apply to SCALE.

 what you will get

    • We will introduce you to key stakeholders in our network – and you will meet and exchange ideas with companies in the start up hub and the Ideon Science Park
    • You will get support from our engaged, dedicated and passionate business developers
    • You will be a part of an active network of entrepreneurs and partners
    • We will support you in creating and practising your pitch to both customers and investors
    • We will help you find the right financing for your company
    • We will put you in touch with external experts such as lawyers and IP firms
    • You will get an office and access to a cosy co-working space

We are very happy that you want to join us! We would like to get to know you and your idea better.

Have questions or need help with your application? We can assist you.

More startup incubation programs at Ideon



This program is supporting startups with sustainable and innovative products to scaleup from prototype to production. Through situation-based coaching by production experts, training materials and matching with manufacturers, Swedish startups with sustainable and innovative hardware products are supported to approach a production phase with local manufacturers.

The program is developed as a collaborative project by Södertälje Science Park and KTH, and Ideon Science Park is one of the national nodes in the program.

To learn more, please contact Pelle Garvell or keep reading here.


Ideon Science Park is proud to be a part of ESA BIC Sweden, the incubator program for startups with a space connection!

ESA BIC Sweden supports new and established entrepreneurs and helps them utilize space commercially. If you have an innovative business idea that either takes place in space or utilizes space-related technology, ESA BIC is the right address for you!

We offer business development support and advice as well as effective workplaces for up to 24 months. Startups in this incubation program also get funding for product development, access to leading technical experts in the space industry, and become members of an exclusive space startup network.

Ready to launch your space startup journey with ESA BIC Sweden and Ideon Science Park? Apply here!

To learn more, please contact Leonie Blum or keep reading here.


How will the incubation programs benefit you?

Listen to Liza and Neal:

more startup support in our local network

Lunds Nyföretagarcentrum

At LNC (Support for new businesses in Lund) you get help testing your business idea and working out your business plan.

More about LNC here >>

LU Innovation

At LU Innovation we help researchers and students take their ideas, products, services or methods one step further.

Our aim and responsibility is to make research available to society and thereby contribute to growth.

More about LU Innovation >>

Innovation Skåne

Innovation Skåne specializes in supporting startups that have international aspirations and a strong desire to succeed in the areas of health, food, and mobility. We focus on startups in Skåne, but we also collaborate with businesses from Skåne and other parts of Sweden and the world.

Find out more about what Innovation Skåne can do for you >>


Venture Cup is the competition for the entrepreneurs of tomorrow, connecting people with ideas with experts and the crowd, to ignite the creation of new businesses and empower the growth of Sweden. We are a nonprofit organization, and open to everyone who wants to test their business ideas.

Find out more about VentureCup >>


The startup hub for students of Lund University!
VentureLab is Lund University’s collaborative space designed to stimulate entrepreneurship and to support students and graduates who want to start their own businesses.

Find out more about what VentureLab can do for you >>

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