office services

office related services at Ideon Science Park 

At Ideon you have access to services like Reception, IT support, Health services, Daycare, Gym and more. In short, services to make your every day life at the office run smoothly.

reception services

In the Alfa, Beta, Gamma and Gateway buildings you can use the great Reception services. 

switchboard services

The switchboard helps to redirect calls to your company. 

Broadband/Telecom services

There are several suppliers of broadband and telecom services in the park, to help you find the best solution for your business.

Flexible office solutions

Startup or gigant, we’ve got the right space for you! Find the right office here

Conference rooms

Conference rooms in all sizes, with an Ideon discount for all our companies! See conference rooms here


Outdoor office

Want to soak up some sun? Check out the outdoor office with sun powered charging at the Node building!


bikes to lend or rent

In most houses, you can borrow a bike for meetings or errands in and around the park. There are also bike rental services available. Find out more here.

charge your ev here

There are several spots around the park to charge your ev, as of 2019, there will be 64 additional charging stations in the park. Find your charging station here 

Car sharing

M offers car sharing services for the Ideon companies at a great discount! Find out more about the offer

micro pharmacy

We2U has a Micro Pharmacy where they offer the most common products you might need to cure a headache or a cold. Find them here

Gym indoors

There are several opportunities to keep fit in and around the park. You will find the workout clubs and gyms here .

Outdoor gym

Next to LTH there is an outdoor gym with six machines, all with instructional images and QR codes, you will find it here.

Additional support and services

Business Support

– don’t get tangled in the web

We have several companies at Ideon offering Business support to your company, everything from Patent Protection, Business Law, Recruitment Services and Accounting to PR, Web Design and Printing services.

Find the right partner for you in our company list, filter out Business Support » 

Discounts and offers

We want you to be able to focus on your core business so we have negotiated great offers and discounts for our Ideon companies. They include everything from printing business cards, to leasing cars and gym memberships.

Check out the discounts here »

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