We have a long tradition of catalyzing innovations within tech and deep tech.


Vision & mission

Ideon Science Park’s vision is to work with others to create the world’s best innovation ecosystem, with the aim of helping to change the world for the better. Collaboration is our most important core value and tool.

Ideon Science Park is changing the world for the better by turning bold ideas into reality and taking the lead in co-creating the world’s best innovation ecosystem.

The ideon way

There is a 30% greater chance to succeed if you sit in an environment of other innovative companies. At Ideon Science Park there are 400 companies and we practice an open culture where everyone may approach anyone to ask for help – and usually gets it. We call it the Ideon Way. Ideon Science Park, Medicon Village with additionally 120 companies, the world class labs and the University are all centered in Lund North East, at so called fika distance. Which means that you may solve a challenge by simply walking over to another team of sharp minds for a coffee break. Plenty of partnerships, mergers and acquisitions have taken place over the years, between different innovative companies in the park.


Lund is the birth place of many innovations and has a strong foundation in science. It was chosen by 17 countries to be the home of the future European Spallation Source (ESS). This will revolutionise manufacturing by generating new and smarter materials.

The city is planning a new district (Lund Northeast) around ESS and the Max IV Laboratory, located close to Ideon Science Park. This district will be a test bed for sustainable living solutions and innovation. It will also be home to over 40,000 people, hopefully from all over the world.

Another addition is the Science Village Scandinavia.

The city of Lund is constantly working towards its vision “creating the future – with knowledge, innovation and openness”. Ideon Science Park is proud to be part of the creation of an exciting future, both locally and internationally.

Together with our partners, we work hard every day to make this the best place to be if you want to change the world!

Curious about products and solutions have been invented at Ideon Science Park and in Lund? Take a peak at some great innovations and success stories from Ideon!

Owners & Board

Today, Ideon Science Park is owned by Lund University, Lund Municipality and real estate owners Wihlborgs, and Castellum.

The board of directors include Lund University, Lund Municipality, Chamber of commerce and Industry of Southern Sweden, the County Administrative Board Skåne and the owners. The organisation reports to SUN, a trust created by the original founders. SUN is a non-profit organisation.

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