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This is where the companies at Ideon Science Park can post their job vacancies.


 Student looking for internship?

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How does it work?

ROI Rekrytering offers all Ideon Companies free use of this portal to simplify the recruitment process.

Send your job ad to info@roirekrytering.se with the topic: “IDEON JOB AD – TITLE OF THE JOB”.

ROI Rekrytering will publish the ad in the job portal here at ideon.se. You will get access to the job portal and full support from ROI Rekrytering when it comes to the portal.

If you want to increase the exposure of your job ad, ROI Rekrytering can help you with that as well thorugh different services:

  • Ad package
  • Simple recruitment
  • Social Media advertising
  • Headhunting

See the details and prices here

If you have questions or need support, contact ROI Rekrytering at info@roirekrytering.se or +46 770 110 177.

About ROI Rekrytering

ROI Rekrytering team

At Roi Rekrytering we have a slightly different view of how recruitment works best. We’ll take care of the tasks that we can do better and more efficiently than you, so that you can focus on what you do best. We know that this will increase the chances that the recruitment will be just right. This way we all do what we are good at and can save time and money. Our recruitment solution Easy Recruitment is an example of this.

PS. Did you know that ROI Rekrytering are an Ideon Innovation alumni?

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Great tools when planning your job recruitment

ROI Offers free templates that come in handy when you are creating a job ad, planning your first interview or thinking about what to as a reference (the templates are in Swedish).

Job advertisement template by ROI Rekrytering

Job interview template by ROI Rekrytering

Taking a reference template by ROI Rekrytering