OK great, restrictions are being lifted. So, what now? Are we supposed to work from home or go to the office? If you’re back at work, how will you commute now and in the future? Are you ready to start sharing your car with others and make an immediate environmental impact?

We believe that post-pandemic commuting patterns will be different. Maybe we will only go to work a couple of days a week. Maybe we can get rid of that extra fossil car? In any case, sharing rides is a great option.


Can we afford that luxury?

Before the pandemic, 3 million Swedes commuted by car to work, and 80-90% of the time they were alone in the car. Surveys show that people enjoy not having to depend on someone else, but the question is if we can afford that luxury going forward.

In the rest of Europe, another 250 million people commute by car, resulting in enormous amounts of CO2 released into our atmosphere. Millions of tons of CO2 could be saved if we commuted together. Coride wants to change this and we want to start with Lund and Sweden.

The Coride app matches passengers and drivers and handles the transfer of the pre-determined cost sharing between passengers and driver automatically. Users can plan rides weeks ahead and see how much CO2 and money they have saved.


Join the Coride Pilot

Starting Oct 14, the ride-sharing app Coride will do a pilot test together with Ideon Science Park and the Ideon companies, and we are looking for sustainable Ideon companies and curious pilot testers that want to try ride-sharing.



If you are a sustainable Ideon company that want to help their employees share rides and save the environment, please get in touch with us. If you help us gather a number of pilot users, we can visualise how much CO2 your employees save by riding together. Great data for employer branding and sustainability budgets.



If you work alone or just want to join the pilot on your own, you are most welcome as well. Coride is for anyone wanting to make a difference, and wants to do it now.
Please contact us at info@coride.se to become a Coride pilot tester or if you want to know more.

For more information about the Coride Pilot project


About Coride

Coride is a startup company and was founded in Ystad in 2020 by two commuting engineers when they realised that almost everyone commutes alone. Previous attempts at ride-sharing were analysed and an MVP version was developed in 2021. Our vision is to launch in Sweden during 2021 and go international in 2022. Our goal is to save one million tonnes of CO2 in five years.


Coride is available on iOS, Android and desktop.
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